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If you think your life sucks then...join the club

I’m at the place where if I’m about to cut, I can stop myself by eating or doing something else to get my mind away from it. But in a few years, I don’t know if it’ll be that easy so..

“i don’t remember the last time i felt like i could breathe theres a fucking hole in my chest where my lungs and heart should be i have this constant feeling that I’m bursting into flames and then the wind storms in and scatters my ashes over and over how is it possible i can feel everything and nothing at once am i dead inside or in love with the world i don’t know what to do or who i am i don’t know anything anymore all i know is i don’t have much time left and I’m fading away why doesn’t anyone notice I’m going insane I’m not okay nothing is okay everything is going wrong and i can’t breathe i can’t breathe i can’t breathe”

Osteospermum Zion Co Beautiful gorgeous pretty flowers

Public Service Anouncement

I can’t actually follow you back.

although I post here more, and I’m here more often, This is my second blog. 

so don’t get mad at me if you were going to.

I’ll follow you on my main blog 

if I like you

I have to watch every movie she’s in. I like her.
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